вторник, 12 август 2008 г.

Петиция: Вън Русия от Грузия!

Да подкрепим Грузия срещу агресора:


To: President of the United States; Congress of the United States; European Council; President of the European Commission; NATO Secretary General; Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

Since August 8, 2008 the whole world has been witnessing Russia’s open military invasion into the independent and sovereign Republic of Georgia. Thousands of soldiers and tanks of the Russian Federation have breached the internationally recognized borders of Georgia and have been fiercely attacking Georgian troops. Furthermore, Russian warplanes have violated the Georgian airspace and carried out air strikes at different Georgian cities outside the conflict zone. These strikes have caused hundreds of casualties among civilian population.

The main reason for Russian invasion is Georgia’s close ties with the United States and the European Union countries and its willingness to build free and democratic society. Russian invasion is a desperate move to curb Georgia’s aspiration to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union.

This outrageous military aggression by Russia unequivocally reveals its imperialistic aspirations. Irresponsible incursion by Russian troops into sovereign Georgia can be perceived as nothing less than Moscow’s strong nostalgia for the Soviet Union era and zeal for “restoring” its rule in neighboring peaceful countries. By invading Georgia, Russia sends a clear message to the free world that it is ready to brutally punish any of its neighboring countries that choose to embrace the democratic and humanistic values, which the United States and the European Union countries are standing for.

The moment of truth has come for the United States and the European Union. Georgia needs HELP from its American and European friends to stop Russian invasion. Failing to react to Russian blatant military aggression will undermine the future of democracy in the region and beyond. Furthermore, inaction by the United States and the European Union will give a go-ahead to Russia to carry out military aggression elsewhere in its neighborhood in the future.

We are calling on the President of the United States and the Leaders of the European Union Nations to help Georgia and to actively pressure the Russian Government to cease fire and to withdraw its troops from the Sovereign Republic of Georgia.